Raspberry Pi as a git server

This is taken verbatim from Alex Tavendale’s instructions. This worked first time for me, and the only additional steps I had to perform were to get gogs configured to have non localhost DNS name for the rest of my network, otherwise the gogs installation was only accessible directly from the pi.

I’ve copied the original steps here here, so I don’t lose the steps.

I’d like to swap out supervisor for perp, but I’ll leave that for another time.

More Hugo

It’s taken a while, but I’ve managed to get the blog migrated over to Hugo, from Jekyll, since Hugo has a nice single exe, and isn’t Ruby.

In order to get taxonomies rendering in the general case under Hugo 0.19, add layouts/_default/terms.html:


Another year, another blog engine. I’ve dropped Jekyll in favour of Hugo.

Jekyll required Ruby, and gem management which isn’t particularly difficult, but was becoming annoying when I have to manage it across 4 different machines. Hugo just works.


Now that Let’s Encrypt is live, the site is now accessible over https. The only thing of note is that you need to reference site local assets using:

<a href='/some/protocol/free/path'>some internal link</a>

Otherwise the site isn’t entirely secured by https.

Powershell hr

I saw this on reddit (or possibly hackernews) the other day that produces a simple banner line in bash.

So here’s a powershell version:

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