Python virtual envs

A simple function to bootstrap Python virtualenvs in Powershell. Add it to your profile and then call it as:

create_virtualenv c:\temp\myvirtualenv

Script is here:

A Basic Rakefile

I don’t like spending too much time setting up a new automated build, and rakefiles are an effective way to capture a lot of the boring repetition. Also, in the spirit of “don’t repeat yourself”, I have a rakefile that that I have been gradually building over the past few months. For my purposes, it now just requires a single edit to use in a new project.

XAML-Only Font ComboBox

This is a repost of my CodeProject article

Comments can be found there.

Jekyll on Windows

Getting Jekyll working on Windows was relatively straight forward:

  • Install ruby
  • Install the devkit
  • gem install jekyll

Then, downgrade pygments as 0.5.1 doesn’t work properly.

And that’s it.

Goodbye Wordpress

After several years of running this blog on Wordpress I’ve decided to move the blog to another platform. Recently it seems the site has been victim of some kind of injection attack, despite keeping WordPress and other plugins up to date. So I’ve decided to go back to the 1990s and go for a static site once again. Whether it was WordPress, my host, Disqus, or one of the WP plug-ins, it’s time for a change!

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